These are our FAQ’s for Our Online Virtual Beer Tasting Sessions & More

Does the ticket price include the beer?

No. The ticket for the event does not include beer. The cost of the ticket is for the workshop which includes your beer expert who will guide you through what you are drinking in a group setting. You can purchase as much beer as you require and join the group. We will talk through a number of styles within the time we have together.

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Is this a private event or will others be joining us?

The workshop is available to other ticket holders with your city and around the globe. You’ll be able to chat with the host of the event who will open up the discussion to other members of the group in attendance.

How will the event be delivered?

The event will be delivered via Zoom video link. You will need Zoom (free) in order to attend. The event will be hosted live by your beer expert and may include some pre-recorded elements as part of this event.

How many beer’s should I buy and how long does the event last?

The event is approx 1 hour in length so we would suggest 5 different beers styles to sample during this time. It doesn’t matter if it’s cans or bottles – and you don’t have to drink them all in the space of an hour either.

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What Beers do you Recommend to Get?

We recommend you get these kinds of beers, but whatever you really wish to get is entirely up to your taste preference. Variety is the spice of life and we may ask you to show off your unique beer so be forewarned! If you wish you can email us a picture of your beer lineup 24 hrs prior to the event so that we can try to feature some or all of your beer selection. This cannot be guaranteed.

1: Lager or Pilsner – Light and refreshing clear larger we usually start with this

2: Red Ale – Classic Irish Red ale of your choosing

3: IPA – Any style IPA , this can be a DIPA or AIPA Pale ale of your choosing.

4: Wheat Beer – Any Wheat beer of your choosing

5: Barrel Aged Beer – Generally a wood aged porter or Stout

or simpoly choose our recommended CRAFT BEER BUNDLE which can be purchased in advance [Please allow 6/7 days for delivery]

You can purchase locally if you want bu be wary of lead times & costs on Delivery.

Where can I purchase my Beers?

You may wish to purchase a range of styles from a single brewery or alternatively select your drinks from a number of different breweries. It’s entirely up to you however here are some suggestions below:

  • Get our Craft Beer Bundle delivered from our specialist online retailer direct to your door {be aware of lead time and delivery costs} (Approx 6/7 Days Delivery)
  • Support your local brewery by grabbing beers directly from the source (online or from the taproom). Suggestions are below!
  • Pop into your local bottle shop/ off-licence/ craft beer store or get them delivered by them to your house (online or in store)

Dublin /Ireland has an amazing craft beer scene at present so you may wish to consider grabbing your drinks from one of the following breweries.

What is your refund policy?

We allow full refunds up to 24 hours prior to the event start time.