Hope Brewery

Hope Brewery is one of Dublin’s newest and premium Craft Beer Breweries located close to Howth Junction Dart Station. A German style state of the art brewhouse is independently owned and run by a group of old school friends with a passion for beer and Business

They offer various different styles of beer from Celebration stouts to Hoppy Lagers. They also offer highly recommended Brewery tours for those of you that wish to get more in depth on how a brewery is run and how to make beer! This very personal tour showcases their finest beer selection and a run through of the brewing process from mill to mash to brew to fermenting and onto packaging. Well worth a visit for and budding beer enthusiast. You won’t find a finer Brewhouse in Dublin!

Each Beer comes with it’s own unique stories some of which are listed below: Some of these beers are featured on our Irish Craft Beer Tasting sessions!

Hope Hop-On Session IPA

A Juicy Hazy Tropical Session IPA , with a name based on the story of Two young bucks who hopped on the DART [Train] one day and somehow ended up in New York City with not a penny between them!

Session Beers come from the fun fact that brewery workers were entitled to 2 Beers per day, i.e going on a ‘Session’ . Generally lower in alcohol content to avoid timely work accidents!. Should they bring back this rule…we possibly think so!

An easy drinking session IPA that balances malty sweetness and body with fruity hop flavours and

Malts: Weiner, Oatflakes, Acidulated
Hops: Citra, El Dorado, Azacca
Yeast: Amreican Ale.
EBU=20, EBC=10, ABV=4.3%

Hope Handsome Jack IPA

An intense and citrussy double dry hopped IPA!

A take no prisoner ale that’s American and Japanese hopped, he’s well-mannered but dangerous!

Water, Dextrose
Malts: Magnum, Centennial, Sorachi Ace, Simcoe, Citra
Yeasts: American Ale

EBC=14 EBU=49

Jack Criss, the 17th century Irish pirate, was tall and handsome with blonde hair and eyes green as the sea. He set sail from Ireland, plundering his way to Spain and Italy. He didn’t die in battle but was stabbed to death in a Naples hotel. Probably by one of his four wives. Some bachelor!
Here’s to Jack!

Hope Grunt

A bone-dry, citrusy and spicy ale inspired by Walloon farmhouse brewers. A light aperitif or accompaniment to starters.


Hops: Cascade, Citra

Spices: Juniper, Lemongrass & Bergamot.

Malts: Pale Ale, Wheat, Acidulated.

Yeasts: Belgian Ale


If a Howth fisherman didn’t fancy going to sea after a heavy nights drinking he would tie a pig to the ships mast. With its devil-like cloven feet, the sheer mention of the word pig was thought to bring forth gales and storms. Only a brave captain would set sail, unless he fancied a rasher sandwich!

Grunt if you dare!

Hope Pass if you Can

A malty, slightly fruity ale with a with a subtle hop kick. A great all rounder that combines well with main dishes and desserts.


Hops: Magnum, Mosaic, Citra,

Yeast: US-05

Malts: Pale Ale, CaraHell, Munich, Acidulated.



4.6% ABV

Michael Collier, notorious 19th century highwayman, was North County Dublin’s answer to Robin Hood. He was so successful that his townland was dubbed Passifyoucan. Finally arrested in 1807 in his favourite haunt The Cock, he was deported and returned home only to die of cholera! Still, the name remains.

Drink up if you can!

Direction to Hope Beer Brewery

From Connolly Station/Tara Street or Pearse in the city center Take the Dart [North] towards Howth or Malahide, for about 25 minutes (6 stops) €2.60
to Howth Junction

Walk for 6 mins take the Kilbarrack Exit. You will see the HOpe Beer logo on the Brewery to your right

The tour takes place in our brand-new brewery with a 20 l Brewhouse, 6 Fermentation Vessels and a Bright Beer Tank. The brewing kit is supported with ancillary equipment like the Water Purification Plant, Glycol unit, Grain mill, etc. All aspects of the brewing process will be covered on the tour and a member of the brewing team will be on hand to answer your questions. This part of the tour will take 25 mins approx.

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